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Create Your Banner Ads Using BuzzFeed???s Strategy

Posted by ellalaw on January 1, 2017 at 6:35 AM

I personally think that we need to find out the right balance between visual content, for example, videos, photos, visual formats and also the audio and written content. We know that every piece of content material has its own strengths and when we recognise the way to use it to get the effects we need, we are in the proper direction. Very recently, The BuzzSumo has been researched about Buzz Feed’s shared visuals. After that, they wrote an informative article and pointed out the most viral visuals. After completely reading this article, I personally could realise some important points that we can do while creating our banner ad design (http://banner-guru.com/). In this article, I am going to discuss those points.


Need a little humour:

In this digital age, most of the people in the world are involving with the internet especially for entertaining and relaxing. So, we all actually necessary a little humour in our life. For this reason, Netflix is one of the largest video platforms. Because people think, this platform is the right one to use it for entertainment purposes. An American philosopher Mr Dan Dennett, who is especially known as a writer and also a cognitive scientist. He has found four things that actually people get attracted to be funny, cute, sweet and sexy.

So, now we can easily find out from his word that when you have a banner ad, then it can be a lot of funny and also brings a smile on its users face.


Curiosity can be another emotion that we can bring in the internet users life. Because of it true that all human being are curious by nature. For example, suppose when we were a baby, and our dad or mum told us that we couldn't play with one particular object. Maybe we got something and then played with it. It's why? Because we were curious!

So according to this example, it can quickly find out that banner ads should design to make a curiosity to draw people’s attraction.

I believe that these two points are so much effective for you and you can apply it in designing banner ads.


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