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Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your html5 banner

Posted by ellalaw on February 23, 2017 at 1:35 PM

Banner Ad design services are a great sight for freelancers. Many of us are working in this sector. But the sorrowful matter is that sometimes they make a mistake with banner service. To avoid these kinds of mistakes are very important for them. Here we are going to share some silly mistakes which are done by most of them.So let’s know about some mistake and their solution:


In the case of cramming:


It is not good to overwhelm your audience with information. It may work if you try to recruit clients in person; it is referred to your tendency to ramble. It does not work with banner ads. Cramming information and images in your ad means that you have mastered the art of spamming. This is a message that you are sending to your clients. You must sophisticate with a clear purpose.


Don’t add too much text on your banner:


This is a very common mistake among designers. You must know that web 2.0 is about content, not about design. Again, if a beautiful html5 banner design that provides little to no information is just useless. Obviously, you can hope users would be impressed by the ad’s graphics and slick animations. But it is much better idea to combine the design with a strong marketing copy.


Size, length and weight:


If you don’t know about the basic metrics of banner ads, it may put you in some serious trouble. Publishers may require some clear specifications regarding the banner’s size. For example 160 x 700 p, length, for example, maximum 10 seconds of animation and weight, for example, 70Kb. So to fallow the size, length and weight is very important.


In the case of poor Graphics:


This is the most common mistake in html5 banner ad design services. We see less of this now because looking at your competition; it is impossible to do better with poor graphics if you want to get the attention of buyers. Remember that, this point makes a difference between professional and unprofessional. The graphics of your banner must be clear. So don’t even think to make your banner with poor graphics.


In the case of wrong banner choices:


Remember that a typical banner is static. You may incorporate tasteful animations or effects into your design. You may increase your click rates significantly. It is not good for you. So don’t try it if you are unsure and, must notice any of the mistakes above in your ads. It may be too little advanced for you because if you fail then your advertisement will look like spam. You should know that no one likes spam.


Make your banner prettier than old one:


Your prospects don’t care about you. To neglect your landing page is a very big mistake. It is the first thing your prospects may see after clicking your ad, so it is very important to make sure they will not leave your website in a while. In the other hand, your advertising campaign is nothing more than wasted your money.


To forget your target:


It is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers and business owners make lose sight of their target audience. May be they are trying to reach with the ads. It may be specified, but lost in translation may unclear for all to see your banner. Ask yourself these questions.Keep in mind that when you are designing for a specific audience may avoid generalising. So be careful about that.


Using cluttered colours:


Must know about the correlation of colours and psychology. You should also know that too many colours may send the wrong message and result in an advertisement that looks unprofessional. Your color scheme should consist of 1-3 colors, and the colors must be chosen from your brand color palette and perhaps expanded on emphasis.


To ignore the Brand:


If you make banner ads and forgetting to brand them will be a great mistake. It is known that the subtle visual elements in your banner ad make all the difference. Because they let the audience know what you do, and translate your brand message for all to see. So remember to include colors, icons, logos and fun fonts in your banner. Try to use less space and limit the thematic, color and icon representations. You wild be surprised at the power of minimalism. You can continue to woo your audience once you’ve secured their click with your banner ad. So be careful to do not ignore the brand. As this is very important in banner ad design services.

So that’s all for now. Hope you all will get help from this article to avoid Silly Mistake With Your web banner service. Follow above information. It will make your way vast and said. Wish you all a bright future in your situation.

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