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Why You're Failing at Banner

Posted by ellalaw on February 23, 2017 at 1:15 PM

We are in the dark yet with the banner. And we are failing at banner. It is known that banner ad design cost is not such law. But many banner advertisers are not careful about that. Here we will discuss some reasons, of failing at banner site. Hope you all will be glad to know the information.

So let’s know about some reasons to fail at the banner and their banner ad design cost as well:

Everyone knows that the Web is increasingly the way of today it not just tomorrow. You may know that most web users still fall into the prime consumer profile that earns and spends reasonably well. But their advertising space is pretty cheap compared to say. Obviously, it's hard for users not to notice the advertisements, even if they don't click on them. The situation is not as the industry would like. But the problem for web advertisers is threefold. At first, web users are the same people who downloaded 20 million copies of Napster's software, which lets people exchange music for free over the Net.

Again users don't want to pay for stuff and don't want to be marketing subjects. They may hate unsolicited e-mail advertising, and they do not click on banner advertisements. In this situation, they do not like any other form of publicity. For example, we may say the horrific interstitials, those little windows that pop up and try to sell you something while you are looking at a Web page. Probably most of the time you click the window shut well before you have any idea of what is being sold, which points to the second problem for advertisers.

The problem is that most of them still have a slow net connection. You should know that print, television and radio advertisements are effective because they are right here, right now. Visible exactly when one is truly interacting with the medium. Banner ads and interstitials, on the other hand, usually take a while to download. So, we notoriously promiscuous Web users click away to somewhere that doesn't make you wait. And finally, web users are getting smarter about what those banner ads can do regarding harvesting personal information without their knowledge. Maybe you routinely say in surveys that they do not trust advertisements online and fear their privacy is being compromised. The industry itself has done little to dispel such concerns. I suggest you look at the case of double click the company that places online advertisements for advertisers. The Commission may have decided in July to accept double click's proposals for self-regulation, but all the signs indicate consumers will not settle for this approach unless the industry radically overhauls its current mindset.

Here is information about some of your mistake:

Wrong places:

You may know that it is easy to assume that. Because you operate in a particular industry, advertising on a particular industry publication's site will help you reach your audience. It’s not necessarily. While the sales rep you spoke to will inevitably be able to provide reams of statistics about average impressions. You should click through rates and senior decision makers who subscribe to the publication. But it doesn't mean that your audience will see your ad.

Buyer behaviour:

What the main reason for your banner ads are failing is simple. You should know that users are fed up of ads cluttering their screens and interrupting their online experience. So they ignore them to get very proficient at tuning them out. If you want users to click your advertise, you must to stand out and get their attention.

Targeting the right people:

The buyer persona research process is vital to make sure you know who you are targeting with your adverts, to ensure your messages are relevant and compelling to them. In addition to this, tools such as Google's display ad remarketing and Facebook advertising can be a really effective way of targeting people who already visited your website.

Leave the cheesy stock images at home:

May be you are advertising at a university employment fair. There, on your banner is a clean and attractive, 40 something male, smartly dressed and extending a handshake with a mega-watt smile. Remember that, this kind of stock image has been done to death. I suggest you look around the university. Who are you appealing to and how any smart dressed, attractive young men do you see walking around. These are all compelling calls to action. A call to action will prompt the viewer to perform a particular task.

So, guys, that’s all. We hope the information’s given above will help you to understand why you're failing at banner. Follow the instructions given above to make your mistake low. We wish your brighter future in your position.

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